• Eco High Gloss Line - Valvac®

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  • Eco High Gloss Valvac® Paper

    What is this?

    Málaga became the exclusive converter for Brazil for the product line of Amsterdam Metallized Products® (AMP), a company headquartered in the Netherlands. The Valvac® metallized paper is used worldwide as a monolayer alternative (without lamination with PET or BOPP film).
    Válvac Paper
  • Eco High Gloss Valvac® Paper


    • The Valvac®line can be provided on cardboards made in Brazil.
    • Absence of film: No risk of structure delamination.
    • Reduced packaging weight.
    • Recycling: The monolayer structure can be recycled by conventional methods.
    • Process improvement: The monolayer structure facilitates cutting, folding, and printing compared to the laminated structure.
    • Visual appeal: Final finish and gloss superior to that of structures laminated with film or metallized directly.
    Válvac Paper
  • Eco High Gloss Valvac® Paper


    • High brightness.
    • Available in silver and gold.
    • Available with any paper base made in Brazil, provided by manufacturers such as Suzano, Klabin, Ibema, Papirus, and with imported bases for specific applications.
    • Characterized as monolayer material.
    • Savings in packaging weight (more packages or labels per kilogram).
    • Possibility to apply transfer metallization on recyclable or uncoated paper.
    • Recyclable.
    • Excellent stability due to the levels of moisture in the paper not changing throughout the process.
    • Applicable on any paper weight.
    • Excellent performance in the printing, cutting, folding, gluing, and embossing processes, among others.
    • Available in skids (sheets) and coils.
    Válvac Paper
  • Eco High Gloss Valvac® Paper

    Printing Processes

    • Conventional (oxidative) and UV - Offset-Litho
    • Flexography and UV
    • Rotogravure
    • Silkscreen
    • Several fingerprint techniques
    Válvac Paper
  • Eco High Gloss Valvac® Paper


    • Self-adhesive
    • Non-returnable
    • Gift-wrap paper
    • Box wrap
    • Labels, etc.

    In these Segments:

    • Tobacco
    • Wines and Sparkling
    • Cosmetics
    • Food
    • Household Cleaning
    • Promotional
    • Miscellaneous
    Válvac Paper
  • Eco High Gloss Valvac® Paper

    Recycling and Sustainability

    Studies conducted by our international partner AMP® demonstrate the recyclability of the transfer metallized substrates.

    Click here to see the full report.
    Válvac Paper
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