• Cardboard Line - Metalboard

Mercados e Applications
  • Metalboard Susceptor


    Product targeted for microwave heating and direct contact with frozen foods.
  • Metalboard Susceptor


    Material suitable for semi-finished frozen products to be microwaved before consumption. Technical metallization allows for the precise deposition of the aluminum layer required to heat the product in the microwave.
  • Metalboard Susceptor


    • 242 g/m²


    • Coils or skids (sheets)
  • Metalboard Susceptor


    • Packaging for frozen food for faster heating in the microwave oven, with the primary function of maintaining food crispness, in addition to safety in handling in the "Tenn" category.
    • Packaging for burgers, pizzas, and hors d'euvres, among others.
  • Metalboard Susceptor

    Printing Processes

    • Offset
    • Flexography
    • Rotogravure

    The product accepts printing on the opposite side of the PET, with the use of the appropriate inks, and is resistant to microwaves during heating. On this surface, the printing must be evaluated and homologated, because it has no coating for such use.
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