• Industrialization by Contract

Mercados e Applications
  • Metallization


    Process carried out under high vacuum with the deposition of a metal layer (aluminum, tin and other alloys), by evaporation, which can be applied to different substrates. When properly applied on the substrate the metal barrier increases the barrier to oxygen, water vapor, and light, while yet offering a distinctive visual appearance.
  • Metallization


    • To enable metal adhesion to the substrate, it must have a minimum surface tension of 38 dynes.
    • When the films have internal printing, it is necessary to apply a protective coating prior to the metallization process. Otherwise, depending on the type of ink and its thermal resistance, there may be a change in color.
    • Substrates with or without printing.
  • Metallization


    • de 10µ a 700µ


    • Widths of 450mm to 1600mm
    • Minimum external diameter of 400mm and maximum of 1000mm
    • Internal diameter of 3" and 6"
  • Metallization


    • Food packaging
    • Hygiene and cleaning product packaging
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Decorative items
    • Technically complex Structures that require metallization with an extremely controlled layer of aluminum.
  • Metallization

    Printing Processes

    • Flexography
    • Rotogravure
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